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About Collecting Comix and Scot Trodick

Hi. My name is Scot Trodick. I have been collecting comic books since 1973. I was 9 years old when I first started reading comic books. I read Weird War Tales, G.I. Combat, Unknown Soldier, Plop, Mad Magazine, Spider-man, Incredible Hulk and anything else that fell into the genre of World War II, super-heroes and dimentia. As far as super-heroes are concerned, Spider-man is probably my favorite, followed by the Incredible Hulk and Batman. I read lots of others also, even including Superman, which sometimes bordered corny with its naive personification of Lois Lane as a clueless intellectual who for some unknown reason is fooled by the disguise carried with a pair of ordinary glasses. I also read lots of others like Thor, Flash and X-Men. Believe it or not, I never really got into X-Men. I also traded and sold back issues of comic books at conventions and collectible shows. I am an artist at heart and I love the art behind comics. Among some of my favorite artist's are Todd McFarlane, Stephen Platt, Jim Lee and of course all the old school artists whose imaginative nature helped build what is considered today as the comic book industry.

My current goal is to build this website into a portal into which comic book collector's of all sorts can come and acquire knowledge, sell their books and exchange information with other online users. Stay tuned because great things are yet to come.

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