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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Collect Comic Books

While the majority of comic book titles are superhero books, you also can collect comedy, drama, adaptations, children's, horror, fantasy, science fiction, educational, mystery, adult, foreign language and international comic books.
Buy Comics
1.  Locate your local comic book stores.
2.  Browse the store of choice. Look for comics with great story lines and exceptional illustrations.
3.  Choose the titles you like and pay for them.
4.  Collect what interests you and/or what you think will increase in value. If you are lucky, you will do both at once.
Most comic book shops have rewards programs or subscriptions that allow you to have the comic books set aside for you as they are delivered to the store.
Marvel , D.C. and Image Comics make up over 90% of the industry, and independent titles make up the rest.
Preserve Comics
1.  Put comics in an acid-free mylar sleeve that covers the book like a clear envelope and has a acid free board backing to keep it straight.
2.  Slide the backing into the mylar sleeve with the treated side facing front. (Backing boards are glossy white on one side and dull white on the untreated side.)
3.  Place the comic book back cover on the backing board's glossy side and slide both nto the sleeve, cover facing out.
4.  Store comics in short or long comic book boxes with the bagged and boarded comics standing up.
Comic book supplies are made to fit the sizes of the books. Make sure you get the right fit. Modern comics are not as wide as silver age books and different size mylar and backing boards should be purchased. Most stores sell mylar and backing individually, unless you're buying premium quality.
If you want to keep your books as an investment for more than 5 years, use a top quality long-term backing board made from acid-free paper. and a matching top quality mylar.