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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Complete a Comic Book Collection

Maybe you are collecting all the issues in a specific title because it' i the coolest book you have ever read.,Oo maybe you just want to make your collection more valuable. In either case, you should follow the same steps.
1.  Read the "Overstreet Price Guide", "Wizard Magazine", or "Comic Buyers Guide" monthly.
2.  Find the title you are interested in and do a rough estimate as to what it will cost.
3.  Shop at a local retail store or comic book store, by catalog, online, or go to a comic book convention.
4.  Preserve your comics by storing them in mylar bags with backing boards and store them in a safe place.
1 Back issues are comic books that are not currently on the sales rack . These books are sold in conditions ranging from "near/mint" to "very poor." The condition is a huge factor in determining the price.
1 Shop around. Different booths will undercut each other, and you can regularly buy overstock of regular issues for half-off cover price or more.
1 A catalog or online purchase will likely cost less, but you will also incur shipping charges, and it will take longer to return goods if you are dissatisfied.
1 Comic book conventions are great for price deals, but there are two caveats. One is that sales are final for the day, so be sure you get what you want and you know what you are buiying. And two is that not every city will have a regular convention so some traveling might be necessary if even possible. The back section of the Wizard price guide normally will always have dates and locations of upcoming conventions. Or you can check see if your local comic book store is advertising any upcoming conventions.
1 If you are buying at a store or convention, take the time to examine the book and make sure it is in the condition it is being advertised as. With the volume of books that are priced and cataloged by the retailer, mistakes happen quite often, so protect yourself by double-checking and maybe even bringing a price guide with you.