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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Preserve Your Comic Books

1 If you plan to keep your comic books for more than five years, use long-term backing with acid-free paper and store them in a controlled environment.
1.  Put each comic in a mylar sleeve that covers the book like a clear envelope and has a pressed board backing to keep it straight.
2.  Slide the backing into the mylar sleeve with the treated side facing front. (Backing boards are white on the treated side and gray on the untreated side.) (Image 1)
3.  Slide the comic book into the sleeve, cover facing out. (Image 2)
4.  Store comic books standing up in short or long comic book boxes. (Image 3)
5.  Place the boxes where they will not be affected by sunlight, fluorescent lights, heat, humidity or smoke.
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1. Image 1
2. Image 2
3. Image 3
1 Short comic book boxes will hold around 100 books, while long boxes will hold around 300.
1 Comic book supplies come in the same sizes as the books. Make sure you get the right fit. Also, most stores will let you buy mylar and backing individually, unless you're buying premium quality.
1 Comic books are priced according to their condition, so store yours properly.
1 Warnings:
1 Most collectors tape the back of the mylar to keep it closed, but be careful you don't accidentally catch the book on the tape.