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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Determine the Value of a Comic Book

Comic books are just like every other collectible - their value is dependent upon condition, popularity and supply.
1.  Determine the condition of your comic book. back issues. Back issues are comic books that are not currently available on store shelves. Back issues are sold in conditions ranging from Near/Mint to Very Poor. The condition of a comic book weighs heavy on the determination of price.
2.  Refer to "Overstreet Price Guide", "Wizard Price Guide", or "Comic Price Guide". These guides have listings for each of the different conditions.
3.  Look for your title in the listing. If you have a recent, popular book, there is a good chance it is in "Wizard". If you have something a little more obscure, then "Overstreet" is your sourcebook. Note that sometimes Wizrd prices their books a little higher than Overstreet and that Overstreet is used by many more top collectors and comic book stores because of its tendency not to inflate prices.
4.  Price your title according to the condition of the book. "Wizard" assumes you have a Near/Mint copy, so you will always get a value based on a 9.2 condition. "Overstreet" will list nearly all the prices available. in numbered and lettered grading. Lettered grading is a condition such as VF, Fine or Good. Numbered grading is a condition such as 7.5 or 9.2.
1 Condition is a VERY important factor in collectible books. All comic books are priced according to their condition, so preserve and store your collection properly.