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How to Shop for Used Comic Books

Back issues are comic books that are not new or not on this month's sales rack. Being smart about buying them can save you alot of money.
1.  Know what you want to buy. This will make it easier to price the book, and you will have a general idea of what it should cost. Good sources are "Wizard Magazine" and the "Overstreet Price Guide."
2.  Know the price range for the condition of the title you want. If the book is much less expensive than what your price guide says, than either the seller doesn't know what he's selling, or it's not in the condition you want.
3.  Buy locally, through mail order, online or at comic book conventions.
4.  Shop around. Although most comic book shops price the same, they'll have special sales where they'll discount their books for tremendous amounts. Comic book conventions are known for good deals.
5.  Buy your books and preserve them. Back issue values are dependent on condition, so take care of yours. Condition is optimal in preserving value.
1 Most comic book shops do not mind customers looking through a back issue to check condition, but they will insist on opening and pulling out the book themselves to avoid any damage that may happen.
1 Usually, but not always, people at yard sales don't know the value of the comics they are selling, and you can make a great discovery. Look into the history of Mile High Comics for the best example of this kind of serendipity.